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As a leading Recruitment Agency, LEEBAN recognizes the importance of establishing accredited safety management systems, allowing our business to provide the best possible safety practices available. LEEBAN Recruitment understands the importance of working with all clients to achieve shared safety objectives, Our commitment is to the continual improvement of safety and the identification of potentially unsafe practices, with the overall aim of achieving an injury-free workplace. We acknowledge that no other business practice is more important than the safety of our employees. The company has a dedicated Occupational, Health & Safety Officer assigned to ensuring all works are undertaken according to industry codes of practice and statutory guidelines. LEEBAN Recruitment respect and actively encourage the right of employees to report any health or safety concerns.


Our candidate database is full of experienced and talented people. This valuable point of reference allows us to search any criteria including; skills, experience, location and availability date, amongst other things. This system also allows us to see the candidate’s previous work history making it very easy for any consultant to review the candidate’s details and quickly decide whether they are suited to a position.


We believe that a successful match between the job and candidate will improve the longevity of placement and will also provide key management and motivational suggestions. During the process the personality of the candidate will be verified at three different stages; during the interview, from the results of the personality profile and during the reference check, All candidates will be asked to complete a questionnaire which will provide a report of their internal, external and summary profiles along with a textual report indicating strengths, weaknesses, management styles, etc. This profile is then assessed alongside the Job Personality Profile to see how well suited this candidate is to the position.


The basic premise behind behavioural based interviewing is this; the most accurate predictor of future performance is past performance in a similar situation. It provides a more objective set of facts allowing a consultant to make a more informed decision about whether a candidate is suited to a position.                                                                        


LEEBAN has an advanced, customised reference checking utility. The benefits of this system are; that it streamlines the process even further and it ensures that a candidate’s personality and ability to meet the selection criteria are verified for a third time. The program is quick and easy to use ensuring that we can present candidates to you as quickly as possible.


LEEBAN has specific testing software with numerous tests available. We ask all candidates registering for work to complete a spelling, Grammar, Numeracy & Reasoning test, We would be happy to include further testing in the process if required. Once the above process has been completed we will present short-listed candidates.